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2016-2017 Scholar Uniforms: Grades 9-11



As with other aspects of our high school, the design of our school uniforms reflects our commitment to preparing scholars for college. Our scholars meet and interview with visiting college admissions officers, and professional dress will be important to making a good impression.


This year, Success Academy has made only small changes to our scholars’ uniforms. Long- and short-sleeve polos will no longer part of the boys uniform and may not be worn this school year. Also, we are introducing insulated lunch boxes.


As in previous years, it is mandatory for scholars to purchase and wear their own black dress shoes for footwear.


FlynnO’Hara will be our uniform vendor again this year, providing families with high-quality school clothing and premier customer service through retail locations and convenient online ordering.


Scholars may use their old uniforms and backpacks as long as they fit and are in good condition.



Girls: Mandatory Uniform

Total mandatory package costs $392.07 to $406.32, depending on size selection.


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Girls: Optional Uniform


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Boys: Mandatory Uniform

Total mandatory package costs $318.32 to $343.32, depending on size selection.


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Boys: Optional Uniform


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Uniforms will be available for purchase beginning in June. FlynnO’Hara offers several options for uniform purchase including retail locations, on-site fittings, in-store pick-ups, pop-up shops, and telephone and online ordering.

  • Order online: Go to Shipping fee for online orders delivered to your home is $9.50.
  • Order by telephone: Call 800-441-4122 toll-free. Shipping fee for telephone orders delivered to your home is $9.50.
  • Retail locations: To find a store near you, visit There are no shipping fees for orders picked up in-store. You can order in-store and arrange delivery to your home for a $5 shipping fee.



Financial Assistance: Families experiencing financial hardship may qualify for financial assistance. Contact your school’s Main Office in May to learn more.