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Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson: The Ultimate Role Model for Women in Science

Success Academy – May 2, 2019

This week, Success Academy friends and supporters gathered at the 2019 Spring Benefit to celebrate and support the “Joy of Discovery” that drives our approach to science, technology, engineering, and math education (STEM). The Honorable Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and recipient of the National Medal of Science, delivered the keynote address, touching on her own experience as the first African-American woman to receive a doctorate from MIT — in any field.

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Our Inaugural Class of Robertson Leadership Fellows

Success Academy – April 22, 2019

This week, we are proud to welcome our first class of Robertson Leadership Fellows, 16 experienced professionals who have been selected for a two-year program designed to leverage their management expertise in other sectors as they learn the ins and outs of running outstanding schools. The Fellowship program provides intensive training, experiential learning, real-time coaching […]

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Behind the Scenes: HSLA’s Theatre Tech Crew

Success Academy – March 28, 2019

Before the curtains part to reveal the opening act of SA HSLA’s production of In the Heights, a huddle of scholars are quietly dimming the lights, troubleshooting the sound, and pulling aside lead actors, reminding them to project their lines. They are the tech crew, and they are the behind-the-scenes hands and hearts of SA HSLA’s plays and musicals.

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We Got into One of NYC’s Elite High Schools, But Chose to Stay at Success Academy: Here’s Why

Success Academy – March 20, 2019

Is a specialized high school the best option? Should I stay or go, is what many kids are asking themselves. In the case of Idalis Antonia Soto and Cana Iinuma, two SA scholars who were accepted to Brooklyn Tech last year, the answer was to stay. They’re now in the spring of their freshman year at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, and agreed to share how they came to their decisions and what they’re enjoying so far about this first year at SA HSLA.

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Storied Player and Coach Jerald Times Is SA’s New Director of Chess — and He Has Big Plans for the Program!

Success Academy – March 15, 2019

Rooms buzzing with energy; blue and orange backs hunched over chessboards; the murmur and occasional shout of unsolicited advice; cheering and a little good-humored trash talk from scholars looking on as their peers scrimmage between tournament games; coaches doling out words of encouragement, guidance — and occasional remonstrance; and child after child heading off to […]

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The Power of Performing Arts

Success Academy – March 4, 2019

SA Union Square is buzzing as performers run through a tech rehearsal for the annual Performing Arts Festival. The festival has been in the works since the fall, with schools from across the network refining dance, chorus, band, theater, and poetry pieces in hopes that they will be included in the evening’s program. All in all, 363 scholars from 16 schools were selected to perform in the event on February 20 — a sold-out success.

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Stress Doesn’t Have to be Stressful: Two SA Psychologists Share Their Top Tips

Success Academy – February 28, 2019

Every school at SA has its own psychologist, who works closely with scholars to help them thrive. Traci at SA Harlem 4, and Alexandra Franklin at SA Bronx 2 Middle School, are two such experts who make it their mission to provide dedicated support for our scholars. Here, they come together to discuss what healthy stress management looks like and offer suggestions for supporting scholars at home.

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Success Academy High School Debaters Storm Atlanta

Success Academy – February 20, 2019

Three of SA HSLA’s most promising debaters flew to Emory University in Atlanta recently to compete in the Barkley Forum. Extremely selective, the Barkley Forum admits only two or three competitors from schools with strong speech and debate programs each year. This year, juniors Tajaih Robinson and Bintou Cisse, as well as sophomore Silma Bathily, made their way down South to test their prowess against the nation’s top debaters.

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At home in the classroom: Former Harlem resident returns to teach

Success Academy – February 8, 2019

When Tyreen Sims decided to change careers from psychologist to teacher, she hadn’t expected to work across the street from where she grew up — with a principal she’s known since elementary school. This is the happy accident that unfolded at Success Academy Harlem 2, where Tyreen started as a lead science teacher in 2015. She took us inside her school to show us exactly what makes it feel like home.

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What They Learned in (Three Months of) College: SA’s First Alums Advise Seniors!

Success Academy – January 25, 2019

It seems like just yesterday that we waved the founding class of SA graduates off to college, but they’ve already completed their first semester of freshman year! Recently, several of our graduates returned to SA High School of the Liberal Arts for an inaugural reunion. Members of the Class of 2022 shared pizza, cookies, and […]

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What’s So Great About Middle School, Anyway?

Success Academy – January 24, 2019

We asked eighth graders from across our middle schools to tell us about what they loved in middle school. Not surprisingly, many recounted how much they loved their electives and team experiences. We’re excited to share with you the reflections of three eighth graders, from Success Academy Harlem North Central, SA Harlem West, and SA […]

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A Daily Burst of Joy: Kindergarten Choice Time at Success Academy

Success Academy – January 17, 2019

Last year, Success Academy doubled down on our commitment to play with the introduction of “Choice Time” in Kindergarten. Now, five days a week for hour-long periods, our youngest scholars head to the Blocks Room, or stay in their classrooms and choose among stations dedicated to sensory materials (clay, play dough), building materials (Legos, Tinkertoys), dramatic play, art, reading, creative writing, and board games.

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Middle School Families Go Back to School — With Scholars as Their Teachers

Success Academy – January 14, 2019

It might be possible to find a museum or exhibit in New York City that allows you to investigate original scientific research, test out Rube Goldberg machines, or observe historical reenactments all on one visit. It might be possible — but you are more likely to find this kind of learning adventure at your nearest Success Academy middle school.

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All the World’s a Page: Congratulations to our Success Academy Authors!

Success Academy – January 9, 2019

If there’s one thing we love even as much as reading at Success Academy, it’s helping our scholars find and develop their writing voices. From elementary school onwards, our scholars practice writing every single day. Once they’ve learned to convey strong and precise ideas with clarity, purpose, and structure, they have a lifelong tool for […]

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Congratulations Chess Champions: Trophies Galore at the 2018 K-12 Grade Nationals!

Success Academy – December 19, 2018

A select group of Success Academy scholars headed south this past weekend to compete in the 2018 National K-12 Grade Chess Championships. This event, held in Orlando, Florida, is set apart from other national tournaments in that scholars compete in teams and divisions based on their grade in school rather than on their chess ranking. Scholars from SA Upper West (3rd grade), SA Union Square (4th grade), SA Hudson Yards (5th, 6th, 7th grades), SA Bed Stuy 1 Middle School (8th grade), and the SA High School of the Liberal Arts (11th grade) gave it their all during seven intense games, and they returned laden with trophies!

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Keeping up with Keagan! A Day in the Life of a Success Academy Scholar

Success Academy – December 18, 2018

Even though Keagan Whitehurst-Nicks is still learning and growing — after all, he’s only in fourth grade — there are a few things that he’s absolutely certain about. The first is that he will one day host his own talk show, titled Keeping up with Keagan. Secondly, his favorite subjects are theater and math. Third, […]

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We Are Family!

Success Academy – December 14, 2018

As our scholars, staff, and families enjoy the holiday season and winter break, we want to express our gratitude for everyone who is working together to build magical schools for our kids. You’ve created a community that wants for all children what we would want for our own; in fact, there are almost 60 of you who are so committed to our schools that you are both employees and Success Academy parents!

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Helping Kids Cope: A Q&A with SA Psychologists

Success Academy – November 16, 2018

Natasha Storonsky Becker and Katelyn Klipfel are not teachers, but play an essential role in helping Success Academy scholars learn and grow. As school psychologists, at SA Washington Heights and SA High School of the Liberal Arts, respectively, they work directly with scholars, teachers, school leadership, and families to foster not just scholars’ academic growth, but their social and emotional development as well. Recently, we spoke with Natasha and Katelyn to get a sense of the essential work they and other school psychologists across the SA network do, day in and day out.

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