Pivot to a More Meaningful Career

We are looking for leaders across industries seeking to pivot to a more meaningful career. Robertson Leadership Fellowship is a salaried three-year training program that puts Fellows on a fast track to become principals in one of Success Academy’s 50 schools located across New York City.

Watch this video from our current Fellows to learn more.

The Program

What to Expect

A three-year salaried program of progressive training, coaching, and mentorship culminating in school leadership position with a competitive salary.


Immerse Yourself in the SA Model

Get to know the Success Academy model. Learn about Success Academy's design, culture, and leadership vision.



Year One

Master Teacher Fundamentals

Build instructional expertise as a co-teacher in the classroom while using your leadership skills to participate in school leadership meetings.

Year Two
and Three

Apply What You Have Learned

You'll participate in New Teacher Training-- this time as an instructor! You'll guide a class of new teachers through introductory training. 

Lead as an SA Assistant Principal

After school starts, apply and grow your leadership skills as an assistant principal, managing a team of teachers to excellence.



Advance into School Leadership

You will emerge as a powerful leader and change-maker who will be prepared to serve as a Success Academy school principal.

About the RobertsonLeadership Fellowship

This summer, we’ll welcome our third class of Robertson Leadership Fellows: exceptional individuals from across industries who will advance their leadership while helping us chart the future of public education. Founded with the generous support of renowned investor Julian Robertson, the fellowship offers professionals an accelerated pathway to educational leadership at Success Academy, the nationally-acclaimed charter school network.

Who Should Apply?

Early- to mid-career professionals from non-education fields who want to work at the forefront of education reform while rapidly growing their skills are invited to apply to the program.

Ideal candidates have a growth and achievement orientation, an outstanding academic record, and four to eight years of professional experience.

Candidates should also have a demonstrated record of managing teams and using data to drive strategy and solutions.

Hear from Our Success Academy Fellows

Tempest Whyte

Tamanna Hassan

Ethan Kessinger

B.A. in English and Psychology,

Pennsylvania State University;

J.D., New York Law School

B.B.A. in Marketing Management,

Baruch College

B.A. in Science, Technology, and

Society, Stanford University;

M.B.A., NYU Stern School of Business

“The more I learned about the mission of Success and the fellowship’s accelerated pathway to education leadership, the more I sensed that it would be a transformative experience. I have not been disappointed!”

“There's something seriously daunting about making a career change after spending years advancing in your field -- but when you come across the right opportunity, I can attest that it's worth it taking the leap!”

“This year I'm an assistant principal at the same school I worked at last year, and I am responsible for bringing our school's vision of excellence to life. Each day, I ensure my team delivers on that vision.”

Accelerated Leadership Training

A Deeper Dive into our Approach

Applied Practice

Fellows apply new skills right away as a core member of a hard-driving instructional team at one of SA’s almost 50 schools. After a year of mastering essential skills as classroom teachers, they apply and grow their leadership skills as assistant principals (APs), managing a team of teachers to excellence. Through an ongoing cycle of learning, practicing, adjusting, and improving they swiftly hone their instructional lens and their capacity for impact.

Expert Coaching, Mentorshipand Collaboration

Throughout the program, Fellows benefit from one-on-one coaching, feedback, and close mentorship from Success Academy school leaders. They also connect regularly with other fellows in the program, visiting and observing schools, sharing challenges, feedback, and reflections; and, ultimately, forging a strong network of talented, mission-driven leaders that will last throughout their careers.

Encompassing Perspective

As Fellows develop on-the-ground expertise at their schools, they gain insight from top Success Academy leadership on driving toward operational and instructional excellence at scale. From participating in projects to advance enterprise-wide priorities, to meeting regularly with superintendents, they accrue the perspectives necessary to be a groundbreaking leaders in the education reform space.

In Depth Training

Over 3 years, Fellows receive formal training in instruction, curriculum, people management, and strategic leadership. In year one, fellows gain expertise in SA’s curriculum and instructional model through a summer teaching intensive and weekly half-day trainings and join rising APs across the SA network for leadership training in the spring. Leadership training continues in year two as Fellows move into the assistant principal role, with a summer intensive and monthly trainings. In spring of year two, they join rising principals for formal training preparing them to step into school leadership.

Application Process






Informational Interview

Virtual Interview(s)

Acceptance and Placement

 We value clear thinking and  strong writing so please take care with your application materials.

  In this two-way conversation, you will learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get your questions answered. We’ll also learn about your experiences and be able to advise if this is the right role for you.

If you are selected to move forward, you will be invited to a series of virtual interviews with SA leaders. You will be assessed across a range of key attributes including leadership, critical thinking, grit, leader mindset, problem solving and your orientation towards excellence. 

If you are extended an offer, you will have a discussion about your placement preferences and be confirmed your placement school soon after. Fellows will join the program on a rolling basis, starting this summer, and join peers for orientation in the fall.

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