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We Got into One of NYC’s Elite High Schools, But Chose to Stay at Success Academy: Here’s Why

Success Academy – March 20, 2019

Is a specialized high school the best option? Should I stay or go, is what many kids are asking themselves. In the case of Idalis Antonia Soto and Cana Iinuma, two SA scholars who were accepted to Brooklyn Tech last year, the answer was to stay. They’re now in the spring of their freshman year at Success Academy High School of the Liberal Arts, and agreed to share how they came to their decisions and what they’re enjoying so far about this first year at SA HSLA.

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Congratulations Chess Champions: Trophies Galore at the 2018 K-12 Grade Nationals!

Success Academy – December 19, 2018

A select group of Success Academy scholars headed south this past weekend to compete in the 2018 National K-12 Grade Chess Championships. This event, held in Orlando, Florida, is set apart from other national tournaments in that scholars compete in teams and divisions based on their grade in school rather than on their chess ranking. Scholars from SA Upper West (3rd grade), SA Union Square (4th grade), SA Hudson Yards (5th, 6th, 7th grades), SA Bed Stuy 1 Middle School (8th grade), and the SA High School of the Liberal Arts (11th grade) gave it their all during seven intense games, and they returned laden with trophies!

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Keeping up with Keagan! A Day in the Life of a Success Academy Scholar

Success Academy – December 18, 2018

Even though Keagan Whitehurst-Nicks is still learning and growing — after all, he’s only in fourth grade — there are a few things that he’s absolutely certain about. The first is that he will one day host his own talk show, titled Keeping up with Keagan. Secondly, his favorite subjects are theater and math. Third, […]

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The Buzz About our Math Bees

Success Academy – November 9, 2018

Imagine yourself on a stage — you’re 11 years old and about to perform — but instead of tap dancing or singing, you’re here to calculate. You’re presented with a question: Find a number, n, so that when you multiply n by itself, you get the product 0.000081. There are only thirty seconds allotted to […]

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Climbing the Rocky Trail of Middle School: Insights from an 8th Grader

Rabiat Ahmed – October 12, 2018

Have you ever accomplished your greatest dream? Or achieved something so incredible you feel like you’ve conquered the world? If you have, it must feel fantastic knowing you worked through your challenges and ended up with a great ending. But getting to that great ending is like walking on a rocky hiking trail: it’s hard, […]

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Lessons Learned This Summer

Success Academy – September 21, 2018

When Success Academy 10th graders Ebrahim Jaiteh and Kiera Toussaint first arrived at the Loomis Chaffee boarding school campus, they were slightly shocked by the sound of silence — and the number of trees. The setting, so unlike the noisy bustling streets of where they grew up, would be the first of many differences that […]

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She’s Got What It Takes: Success Academy Scholar Athlete of the Year

Success Academy – July 6, 2018

What do track and field runners at Duke, Stanford, and Georgetown have in common? They are all members of some of the most competitive collegiate teams in the nation — and they all have to balance intense training with rigorous academic workloads. Success Academy coach Ozzie Henderson thinks he has the next big star for top collegiate programs like these — someone who thrives both on the track and in the classroom: sophomore Ronn’e Bailey.

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We Salute Success Academy’s 8th Grade Graduates!

Success Academy – June 15, 2018

Yesterday, Success Academy 8th graders celebrated their graduation from middle school. Speakers from each of the seven graduating classes reflected on their middle school experiences and shared their hopes and ambitions for high school. Here are excerpts from their speeches. Nia Hardaway, SA Harlem Central Middle School June 14th has finally arrived! It seems like […]

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Seven Rounds of Strategy and Stamina: Success Academy Scholars Compete in National Junior High Chess Championships

Success Academy – April 16, 2018

Sixteen Success Academy scholars took on some of the nation’s toughest chess competition at the Junior High Championships in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this month. They tested their skills and stayed focused over seven rounds. Sean O’Hanlon, SA senior manager of chess, noted that our scholars demonstrated high levels of effort and fortitude — even under […]

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“Black Boy, White Man”: A Success Academy Teacher and Scholar Wrote a Poem Together — And Got the Whole School Talking

Success Academy – April 10, 2018

When Nolan McDaniel and Malik Sahabi first unveiled their poem — a thought-provoking spoken-word piece that they coauthored — it was in front of an auditorium packed with scholars, teachers, and families. They electrified their listeners, who snapped their fingers and cheered with enthusiasm at what turned out to be one of the highlights of the Success Academy Harlem Central Poetry Slam. Since then, the entire school has been talking about “Black Boy, White Man”.

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Scholars Light Up the Stage — and Send Powerful Social Messages — at Fourth Annual Success Academy Performing Arts Showcase

Success Academy – February 27, 2018

The Performing Arts Showcase featured 11 acts — from musical theater performances and energetic dance routines, to upbeat choir songs and African drumming. Every group auditioned for the chance to represent their school at the showcase. Throughout the Showcase, scholars fused their passions for dance, song, and theater, with strong social messages about racial equality. We know you’ll be inspired as we were by their talent.

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In Victory and Defeat, Success Academy Debaters Learn Valuable Lessons at Harvard Debate Tournament

Corinne Adams – February 27, 2018

42 middle school scholars and 14 high schoolers from Success Academy competed in the 44th Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament, where they faced hundreds of top-ranked debaters from around the country in policy debate. The tournament concluded with 36 wins for SA’s 19 middle school teams at the high school tournament. Our high schoolers performed exceptionally well — with SA High School of the Liberal Arts senior Sekou Cisse winning the Lincoln-Douglas division and his peers senior Aida Bathily and sophomore Tajaih Robinson making it to the quarterfinals and earning a trip to the Tournament of Champions in April!

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Success Academy Athletes Set School Records at Dunamis Super Meet in Atlanta

Ozzie Henderson – February 16, 2018

This past weekend, fifteen Success Academy scholars boarded a plane to Atlanta, Georgia, to participate in one of the most competitive track meets of the indoor track and field season: the Dunamis Super Meet. We’re so pleased and proud of how our scholars performed, especially given their youth and relative inexperience!

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What My SAT Score Means to Me

Hazel Murray – October 17, 2017

Many people understand that you need strong scores to get into elite colleges, but they don’t realize how much our education system is flawed — that it often stacks the odds against minority students. So the top score isn’t always what’s the most important. Together, my class and I achieved an average score that was far above the rest of the country’s. It wasn’t just me who took part in this achievement — it was all of us.

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Scholars Debate First Amendment Rights, Hate, and Confederate Statues

Sarah Hendrickson – October 2, 2017

During one of the first Humanities lessons this year, the hands of my 7th grade historians shot into the air in response to my question: should statues honoring Confederate generals be removed from cities and towns across the U.S.? I’m always inspired by how much our scholars care about the world around them, and I’d been looking forward to this class discussion ever since summer T School, when I saw the topic on the history syllabus for middle school students.

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