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Benefits of Charter Schools: Top 9 Reasons

Exploring a charter school education for your child is a big decision. There are plenty of reasons for parents to choose that path. From a flexible, unique curriculum to elevated test scores, charter schools provide options for families who want to explore an alternative to traditional school districts.

For parents and caregivers still on the fence about sending their child to a charter school, we’ve compiled a list of nine compelling reasons to attend one. As New York’s leading charter school with numerous locations, Success Academy offers many of the benefits listed below.

1. Specialized Focus

Depending on the institution, charter schools often have a specialized focus. This allows the school to tailor their curriculum to specific areas like STEM, the arts, or vocational training. These specialized programs can benefit students by providing them with unique opportunities to explore their interests or develop skills in particular fields.

2. Parental Involvement

Charter schools — including Success Academy — prioritize parental involvement. Schools foster this involvement in several ways, ranging from daily in-person communication between a child’s parent or guardian and their teacher. Some charter schools require parents to sign a contract committing to support their child’s academic success by attending school events and ensuring they are on time and in school every day. This fosters a strong sense of purpose and connection the schooling experience for both children and their parents. Other charter schools require or ask parents to volunteer on boards and committees. This fosters a strong sense of community and shared responsibility for students’ success.

3. High Responsiveness

The autonomy and flexibility that drive charter schools often allow them to respond quickly to students’ needs. Charter schools can quickly implement curriculum changes, adjust teaching methods, or shift administrative practices to address emerging issues or challenges.

4. Results Driven

Charter schools are inherently results-driven because their existence depends on meeting specific performance goals as outlined in their charters. The focus on measurable outcomes helps drive innovation and accountability.

Success Academy is no exception. Our schools lead the state in performance, and our students outpace students in both other charters and traditional school districts. In addition, 100% of Success Academy students obtain acceptance to a four-year college, and nearly 96% of those students receive at least one offer that meets their demonstrated financial need as defined by the college.

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5. Innovative Teaching Approach

Another area where charter schools like Success Academy excel is their innovative teaching approach. When schools have the freedom to experiment with different educational models, they can pioneer new strategies and techniques that lead to improved student outcomes.

6. Better Autonomy

Charter schools enjoy a higher level of autonomy than traditional public school districts. From dress code policies to curriculum decisions and teaching methods, this independence allows them to make budget and staffing decisions to meet their students’ unique needs.

7. Inclusivity

Many charter schools commit to inclusivity, especially in areas like New York City. Charter schools do not exclude students based on academic ability or disability, and the lottery-based admission system ensures fairness among applicants. For students who do need additional support or specialized programs, charter schools are a welcome reprieve from a “one size fits all” approach. Success Academy strives to create a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all students. Our schools give children from all backgrounds access to an exceptional education.

8. Higher Graduation Rates

Charter schools often boast higher graduation rates than their traditional district peers, and that’s especially true for the Success Academy schools in New York. Couple that with the 100% four-year college acceptance rate for our students, and you’ll see that charter students enjoy an increased likelihood of academic success.

9. Increased Accountability

Accountability is a fundamental part of any charter school’s operations. That’s because the school operates under a contract with an authorizing entity (either a local school board or state agency). The charter (or contract) requires the school to meet specific performance benchmarks and maintain a level of fiscal responsibility.

Charter schools must typically renew their charter every three to five years. If the school fails to meet the conditions outlined in the charter, the organizing agency may require the school to make improvements or even choose to revoke the school’s right to operate.

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Learn More About Success Academy

Charter schools such as Success Academy offer an alternative to the traditional, district-based education model and can be a great fit for many kinds of students. If you have questions or concerns about the benefits of a charter school education for your learner, we can help. Schedule a virtual or in-person tour of one of our many NYC charter school locations.

If you already know that Success Academy is the right fit for your student, the application period for the next school year is now open. Enroll today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do charter schools differ from public schools?

While charter schools and traditional public schools both receive public funding, they operate differently in key ways. Charter schools are independent public schools with greater flexibility in their operations and curriculum.

They operate on a contract (charter) that outlines the school’s mission, program, goals, students served, and assessment methods. Public schools and charter schools are both expected to adhere to state education standards, but charter schools have the freedom to be much more innovative in the curriculum and teaching methods they use to ensure students learn. Finally, charter schools are typically more accountable because they must achieve specific academic results and uphold the promises outlined in their charters.

Do charter schools provide a more personalized learning experience?

Charter schools can provide a more personalized learning experience. Due to their autonomy, they can adapt curriculum and teaching methods to meet students’ unique needs. Additionally, charter schools tend to use their resources more efficiently and direct more of their funding to support teaching and learning rather than centralized overhead costs.

What are the benefits of charter schools for teachers?

Students aren’t the only ones who benefit from charter schools. Charter schools’ innovation and autonomy allow teachers to experiment with teaching methods and materials, resulting in a more creative and fulfilling teaching experience. Some charter schools may also offer more competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for professional development.

Written by Success Academy June 27, 2024


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