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SA Together Again: We’re back in classrooms and taking learning to new levels!
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Prepare for an elevated learning journey

Our Schools

We’re fostering confident and creative thinkers

From the moment students are welcomed into the Success Academy family, we support them with endless opportunities to explore the world around them, engage with new ideas, and build meaningful relationships with adults and peers. Our well-rounded programs build upon one another from elementary to high school, supporting children’s long-term development. We tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of each grade level, teaching the core knowledge and skills that are essential for students to graduate and grow into independent thinkers and leaders.

Our Schools

Elementary School

Curiosity is the fuel that drives learning in our K-4 program. We spark students’ imaginations by introducing fascinating subject matter, providing hands-on project-based learning opportunities, encouraging intellectual risk taking, and fostering collaboration.

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Middle School

Middle schoolers develop independence and confidence through our immersive, knowledge-rich program. We continue to cultivate their creativity and curiosity while encouraging them to think more deeply. Students get accustomed to developing, debating, and defending their ideas based on evidence.

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High School

Building on their ability to think critically and creatively about the world around them, our high school students tackle advanced, collegiate-level coursework and develop the life skills and mindsets needed to successfully navigate the demands of college—and beyond. With access to a host of electives and honors tracks, they pursue special passions while deepening relationships with peers and faculty.

Our Schools

Whole Child

An impactful education incorporates opportunities for students to explore, develop friendships, and pursue passions beyond academics within the school day. Our robust programs, such as arts, chess, and sports—which most schools deem extracurricular—are woven into our curriculum. Our approach enables students to have plenty of time to discover and build distinctive talents and strengths—ones that will allow them to proudly stand out from the crowd.

I chose Success Academy as a place for my daughter to learn and grow because of their rigorous curriculum. I value education and I know that for Blessing, she would need that in order to realize her dreams.

– Camille McKinnon
SA Parent
Our Schools

Special Education

We believe the best way to support children requiring special education services is through individualized supports that help them close in on the academic benchmarks we set for all children. Our Integrated Co-Teaching Classrooms purposefully expand on our general education model to help students with special needs make academic progress within Sprint, our special education program.

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