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Stories and insights on excellent education.
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What Changed? One Scholar’s Turnaround

November 10, 2022 Success Academy

In August 2021, as my peers were beginning their first year of high school, I was out of the country with no way to come back and join them in time. I missed the first unit of all my freshman year classes, and I was pretty much convinced that I was not going to be... Read more

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For Parents, By Parents: Adjusting Your Child To Middle School

November 7, 2022 Eric Black

Attention soon-to-be middle school scholars and families: we have a special message to you from one of our own SA Hudson Yards Middle School moms! Cynthia Vasquez, mom to a current 5th grader, wanted us to pass this along:  Dear future middle school scholars, open your mind and heart to becoming a middle schooler! Always... Read more

A Founding Scholar Comes Home to Teach

November 3, 2022 Success Academy

What sets Faith Rodriguez apart from her colleagues at SA Harlem 1? The first-year associate teacher was once an SA scholar herself! Faith began attending SA in 2006 as a first-grade Harlem 1 scholar, and the educational impact was so monumental that Faith returned to teach third grade after graduating from college. “Success played a huge role... Read more

I learned that SA is a cut above the rest

November 1, 2022 Success Academy

Is there life beyond Success Academy? Yes, there is. I experienced it, and I’m here to tell you that I’m so glad to be back! Truly, there’s no place quite like SA, for both educators and scholars.  When COVID-19 hit, I — like so many other people — took a step back to reflect on... Read more

Dancing out of my comfort zone

October 24, 2022 Success Academy

I am a dancer. I like to say: “Anything dance, sign me up.” That’s what originally drew my interest to the Steps on Broadway program through Success Academy’s Dual-Enrollment Visual and Performing Arts opportunity. As a sophomore at SA HSLA Harlem, I am able to take courses that strengthen my technique in ballet, jazz, hip... Read more

New Friends, New Experiences, New Skills: Scholars Reflect on The High School Summer Prep Fellowship

October 7, 2022 Success Academy

When SA HSLA-Manhattan scholars Abiola Ilesanmi, Tyrone Stevenson, and Octoba Grant were first accepted to the SA High School Summer Prep Fellowship, their reactions were a mixture of excitement and fear. “I had never even been to a sleepover before,” shared Abiola, “I did not think my parents would allow me to go away for... Read more

One Man, Many Hats: Drummer, Teacher, Operations Wizard

October 4, 2022 Success Academy

When I began working with Success Academy almost 11 years ago, I could not have imagined the many roles that I would take on during my tenure. I began my journey with SA as a consultant, bringing professional development opportunities to music and dance teachers at SA schools. I was immediately hooked by SA’s emphasis... Read more


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