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Charter Elementary Schools NYC

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Elementary School

Embracing the power of ideas

Students take pride in their unique ideas while learning about the world around them. Minimizing direct instruction, teachers encourage hands-on exploration, peer-to-peer discussion, and real-life problem-solving to solidify knowledge. All Success Academy students start in grades K-6, where they develop the strong foundation that prepares them to flourish in middle and high school.


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Elementary School

A day in the life

Each day begins with a warm welcome. Success Academy students feel like valued members of their close-knit community of teachers and peers—because they are!

Opening doors through reading

Children who love and excel at reading can teach themselves anything! Our literacy program introduces students to thought-provoking ideas through authors, characters, and themes reflecting the diversity of our classrooms.

Stretching the boundaries of problem-solving

Our hands-on STEM program helps students build a broad foundation of knowledge that supports them in accelerated STEM studies in middle school, college-level STEM in high school, and beyond.

Enriching experiences beyond the classroom

Students are introduced to an exciting world of creative pursuits to further explore their talents. We believe providing ample opportunities for expression through non-academics are critical to a rich education.

Building a foundation of character

The elementary years are foundational to helping children develop the skills to navigate life confidently and productively. Our educators collaborate with social-emotional specialists to help students take steps toward independence.

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With over 50 free public charter schools, Success Academy is open to all New York State children. Find locations near you in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens.

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We’re now accepting K-4 applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

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