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Charter Schools in Brooklyn, NY

Success in Your Neighborhood

Brooklyn students thrive at Success Academy, the highest-performing free public charter school in New York City.

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Our Advantage

Why Success Academy?

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Structured School Design

Each Success Academy campus provides intellectual rigor within a clearly structured environment and beautiful facilities. Our teachers focus on effective classroom management that, coupled with a distraction-free environment, lets students maximize their learning.

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Academic Excellence

Children who attend Success Academy have exceptional test scores that far outpace their NYC district peers. Success Academy students consistently score in the top 3% of NYC test-takers. Additionally, all Success high schoolers take at least one college-level Advanced Placement course.

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100% College Acceptance

Success Academy students work closely with our College Access & Preparedness team to find the right college fit for academic success and financial support. To date, 100% of our students have been accepted to four-year colleges, with 72% of those students receiving offers from selective institutions that include Ivy League schools.


Brooklyn Charter Schools Near Me

No matter which part of Brooklyn you and your child call home, Success Academy schools stretch across the borough. As your student completes their educational journey, they’ll transition all the way from elementary to high school within your local area.

We’re now accepting K-6 applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

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Arts and Athletics in Brooklyn

No matter what kind of extracurricular activity your child wants to pursue, Success Academy focuses on student-centered engagement that promotes holistic development.

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Students develop critical thinking skills and make strategic decisions to confidently compete in chess matches at the school, district, and citywide level.

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Visual Arts

Students explore clay, collage, construction, painting, printmaking, textiles, and other mediums to explore their burgeoning art skills.

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Students learn the importance of collaborating with others, being creative, and vocal and instrumental performance.

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Students develop the necessary skills to thrive on the stage, including puppetry, mask work, Shakespeare, improv, acting techniques, and theater performance.

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Success Academy’s soccer program includes year-round training during and after school. Our program also includes personalized coaching, external league play, and tournaments.

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Students who participate in our dance program develop their skills and grow in discipline. This can even culminate in performance opportunities for selected students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to apply or attend your charter school?

No! Applying to Success Academy takes a few minutes and is completely free. Attending Success Academy is also free. Admission to Success Academy schools is determined by a random lottery after the application deadline.

Ready to kick start your student’s education? Apply now.

What grades does Success Academy offer?

Success Academy is a K-12 program. Currently, we only accept applications from potential new students for grades K-6. Once your child is enrolled at Success Academy, they are guaranteed a seat through grade 12.

What electives, field studies, sports, or clubs do you offer students?

Success Academy students thrive in an environment that encourages participation in countless electives activities, clubs, and sports. Whether it’s music, dance, theater, basketball, chess, debate, soccer, or visual arts, there is an activity for your student. Additionally, our students enjoy regular field trips around New York City and beyond to build community and learn through experience. Not only that, but they are all free!

Is there a uniform or dress code policy?

All Success Academy students must wear uniforms. The school provides a free uniform for all new students. While all students must adhere to their grade’s uniform guidelines, they may wear the uniform that best conforms with their gender identity.

How does your school accommodate students with learning disabilities?

Success Academy serves children with an array of special education services and programs. We work with the NYC Department of Education and other external agencies to ensure occupational, speech, and physical therapists are available for students with related needs. Specialists are available to help discuss your child’s IEP.

Does your curriculum meet state educational standards?

Because Success Academy is a public school, we meet all New York State educational standards. In addition, our schools lead the state in performance across ELA and Math scores on standardized tests. Passing rates for students at Success Academy charter schools outpace other charter and NYC DOE schools by over 25%.


Additional NYC Charter School Locations

Success Academy schools serve students throughout New York City. In addition to the Brooklyn campuses, you may find additional education opportunities for your student at locations in  Queens, Manhattan, and The Bronx.


To learn more about the unique opportunities Success Academy can afford your student, take a virtual tour. If you know your student is ready to thrive at a Success Academy in Brooklyn, apply now.

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We’re now accepting K-6 applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

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