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The deadline to apply for the '23-24 school year is April 1. Don't miss out!
What Sets Us Apart

The Success Difference

What Sets Us Apart

Why choose Success

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make — it will profoundly influence their outlook and success in life. As the highest performing free public charter school network in New York City, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where kids can stretch and grow, be challenged and excel, and discover natural talents and develop resilience, all while building meaningful relationships with faculty and peers.

What Sets Us Apart

Building joyful communities

A day in the life

Each day begins with a warm welcome

Each day begins with a warm welcome. Success Academy students feel like valued members of their close-knit community of teachers and peers—because they are!

State Results

2022 NYC State Test Results

At SA schools with testing grades across the network — a total of 45 schools and 11,000 test takers — 82.7% passed Math, with 56% scoring at the highest level of 4, and 76.4% passed ELA, with 33% scoring a 4. In contrast, at New York City district schools, 37.9% of students passed Math and 49% passed ELA. Our Black and Hispanic scholars achieved proficiency rates double and even triple that of their NYC district peers.

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We’re now accepting K-6 applications for the 2023-2024 school year.

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Build your career while making an impact at Success Academy.

What Sets Us Apart

Passion-driven learning

We nurture kids’ natural curiosity to help them become excited about learning. Teachers limit direct instruction, instead fostering students’ independent thinking and problem solving. Students explore texts, math problems, science experiments, chess strategies, and works of art.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re in this together

We work as partners to ensure children are supported and on track. We’re in frequent communication, always returning parent calls within 24 hours (48 on weekends). Parents may schedule time to observe their child’s classroom and may join us for events. Due to COVID-19, these practices are on pause.

What Sets Us Apart

We aim high

Effective classroom management by trained teachers ensures the safety and development of each child. We believe that setting clear expectations for students promotes efficiency in the completion of routine tasks, leaving more time for creative thinking. We prioritize mutual respect, perseverance, and growth.

What Sets Us Apart

Getting hands on

Doing is at the core of learning, so we immerse students in the “thinking work” of analyzing stories, solving problems, and hypothesizing the outcome of experiments. Hands-on learning, guided inquiry, and discussion promote mastery.

What Sets Us Apart

Learning beyond the classroom

We take advantage of living in the greatest city in the world! Through field studies, students experience the city as their classroom and connect classroom learning to the real world. These trips broaden knowledge, understanding, and thinking across disciplines.

What Sets Us Apart

Quality teaching & learning

Our diverse teaching staff receives weekly training (equivalent to 13 weeks a year), coaching, and mentorship. School leaders focus on the quality of teaching and learning, ensuring that students get what they need and that classrooms are engaging and welcoming.

What Sets Us Apart

A seamless K-12 journey

Once admitted to Success Academy, students say goodbye to applications until they graduate from high school. Our continually evolving K-12 curriculum prepares students to graduate from four-year colleges or universities. To date, 100% of graduating seniors have gained admission to college, including at top schools.

What Sets Us Apart

A well-rounded foundation

We collaborate with social-emotional learning specialists and school psychologists to cater to the whole child, creating empowering educational experiences that nurture children’s character and self-belief while growing their knowledge and academic abilities.

Enroll your child

We’re now accepting K-6 applications for the 2023-2024 school year.

Work with us

Build your career while making an impact at Success Academy.