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Mission Possible

Stories and insights on excellent education.

Come Inside the #PathToPossible Day of Action in Albany

January 20, 2017

On Wednesday, dedicated parents, teachers, and scholars from SA Far Rockaway, SA Flatbush, and SA Bushwick joined more than 1,000 other NYC charter advocates in Albany to urge state legislators to stand with charter families and ensure our scholars get equal funding and access to facilities.

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To Frack or Not: Scholars Ask — and Answer — Tough Questions at the Science Exploratorium

Mallory Easton and Breanna Eastman – December 28, 2016

What would happen if the earth got too close to the sun? How could any living creature survive the Big Bang? Is there a way to keep your plants watered if you go on a month-long vacation?

Every day, my scholars ask dozens of questions like these. Their curiosity is never-ending and their minds are always yearning to learn more.

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The Microbe Murder Mystery

Katelynn Lucyk – December 7, 2016

As a science teacher at Success Academy Midtown West Middle School, my first priority is to ensure that my scholars develop a passion for science. I want them to confidently voice their opinions and ask lots of questions — whether we’re studying the spread of disease, or evolutionary processes. Honing scholar’s natural curiosity for the […]

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Scholars Have Front Row Seat to Chess History at World Championship

Adam Fenton – December 2, 2016

My fourth-grade son, Seth, and his friends at Success Academy Union Square are chess-obsessed. Chess is an essential component of SA’s school design starting in Kindergarten, and the program creates super-fans. They follow the careers of the world’s biggest grandmasters, and last year many of them travelled to elementary school nationals in Nashville, Tennessee, where […]

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Our littlest mathematicians share conceptual math smarts with a global audience

Sarah Brickley – November 29, 2016

Classes at SA Bronx 1 and SA Hell’s Kitchen got a lot bigger (and a little taller) earlier this month, when forty-five educators from as far away as Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona, and Israel saw Success Academy’s innovative math curriculum in action in our kindergarten and first grade classrooms. As an elementary school math manager who […]

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Teachers Use Literature, Art, and Poetry as Platform to Discuss a Contentious Election

Success Academy – November 21, 2016

The result of the 2016 presidential election has sparked heated discussions across the country — and at Success Academy’s 41 schools. The day after the election, scholars had many questions about the future of our country. Below, three educators describe how they addressed their scholars’ concerns, using art, literature, and spoken word poetry to create […]

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