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Memorable Moments from 2014

As the year comes to a close, Success Academy staff and families thought back to their favorite memories of 2014. Here’s what made 2014 a special year for members of the SA community.


Jesse Yabrosky, a first-grade lead teacher at SA Crown Heights

We had many difficulties and triumphs this past year. One of my favorite stories involves a scholar who entered first grade below grade level in reading. Now she is able to not only read on grade level, but she speaks with confidence and excitement. She has meaningful conversations about books with both adults and her friends. She has truly come to know the joy of reading!

 JalaineDavisJalaine Davis, parent of a scholar at SA Bronx 3

A highlight of our year was our son having the opportunity to learn chess as a first-grader. He enjoyed it so much that he taught my husband how to play! By the start of this school year, he had gotten so good that he was invited to join the school’s chess club. He is over the moon with happiness and his confidence has soared ever since!


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.08.03 AMCherilyn Kendrick, dean at SA Harlem North West

One great moment came during our talent show in January, when our fourth-graders had the chance to show off their skills in front of the whole school. There was a hilarious comedy act that was set on the subway. There was also a scholar who recited her own poetry, which was very powerful. But the moment that really stuck out was an a cappella performance by a scholar who was extremely ill that day. She showed so much perseverance!

 BS1_JaveriaKhan1Javeria Khan, principal of SA Bed-Stuy 1, had many reasons to be proud of her school in 2014. Bed-Stuy 1 was ranked fifth in the state in math this past year.

Our school showed the world what scholars in this community can do. Everyone worked so hard to make sure our scholars were prepared to meet rigorous academic standards set by our school and the state. Parents were there every step of the way.

But the best moment was seeing our third-graders parade through the K-2 hallway during an all-school pep rally and everyone cheering them on. They marched down the hallway to the Chicago Bulls theme music, wearing jerseys and face paint. Everyone in the school was rooting for academic achievement!


Mark Sweeney, business operations manager at SA Springfield Gardens

Starting a new school this year has been filled with unique trials and new opportunities. We’ve had the chance to build relationships with a new community of families and new friends, while also tackling the challenges of launching a Success Academy school in a remote location. We’re always thinking of ways to improve transportation and logistics for school events in southeast Queens.  Although hard at times, this new landscape and neighborhood has also allowed us to have a wonderful new schoolyard!

Written by Success Academy December 29, 2014

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