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Middle School Friendships – The Inside Scoop

Calling all Success Academy fourth graders! Curious about what middle school has in store for you? We got to chat with two of our amazing middle school Ambassadors, SA Midtown West eighth grader Mitali Jhaveri and SA Ozone Park fifth grader Mi-Aijah Charles, who want to tell you more about making friends in SA middle school.

What is it like making friends in middle school?

Mitali: It is SO easy to make new friends in middle school! You’re constantly working together and interacting with other scholars in class and recess — everyone is very welcoming and eager to involve you. Clubs are also a great way to develop relationships because of shared interests — my brother is in basketball and he’s so close with all of his basketball friends! 

Mi-Aijah: As someone who only had two friends from elementary school attend the same middle school as I did, making new friends was definitely on my mind when I started fifth grade. Luckily, it was clear early on that I wasn’t going to have any trouble with that! In middle school, we get to talk during class transitions, so it’s as easy as saying hi to someone in the hallway. We also have an Advisory block every day where we do icebreakers, which means pairing up with someone else in the class and getting to know them better. 

What’s your favorite thing you’ve done with your friends this year?

Mi-Aijah: It’s hard to choose because in middle school the added freedom means we get to do so much more with our friends. But one of my favorites is getting to work on our Science Symposium projects together! I feel like my teamwork skills have improved just as much in middle school as my independence has. 

Mitali:  I love going off-campus for lunch with my friends! I have such a nice mix of long-time friends from my elementary school and now new friends from middle school; it’s cool that even though we all come from different places we all get along and can hang out together. 

What advice would you give to scholars making new friends in middle school?

Mitali: I don’t think they’ll need advice because they’re going to do great on their own!  Everyone in school is very nice and open to meeting new people in class and clubs, so it’ll happen naturally! 

Mi-Aijah:  My advice is simple — just talk. Know that everyone is in the same boat as you and just as eager to make friends with you too! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you get to know your classmates. Before you know it, those classmates will turn into your best friends!

Written by Success Academy January 27, 2023

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