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My 5-Year-Old Daughter Picked a Great School

I read the recent article in The New York Times about Success Academy and, honestly, I went through a few mixed emotions. Teachers, or at least those who love teaching, are sacrificing a lot of their time to make sure their students are succeeding — and that I will never take from them. But the article seems like a huge bashing session toward the network and Eva — and that I don’t appreciate.

My daughter, Miah, attends Success Academy Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, and I had ample opportunity to decline my seat to the academy if I felt like it was going to be too much. The discipline of the school is well needed for schools and, truthfully, it’s NOTHING different from how I raise my daughter. My expectations of her effort, knowledge, and determination are on the same level as that of Success Academy.

As a minority, the thought of putting my daughter in a public school where the teachers are completely overwhelmed with the NON-existing structure of what’s OK for a child to do (and) the lack of support many parents seem to offer and vice versa, doesn’t help my child. Success Academy is a total support system. They have given me the opportunity to enforce what I want for my child, which is for her to be the best in everything she is doing.

She attended a pre-K (school) previously to Success and was ahead of every student. Even her teacher told me that she needed to be in a school that will take what she already knows and give her a challenge. Success Academy does that. My daughter picked that school because she felt it was right for her. What 5-year-old you know makes that decision and is absolutely correct? The school has enhanced her drive to be successful and built her confidence as an individual.

Written by Evangela Mason April 17, 2015


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