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Success Academy Takes Home City Chess Championship in Under 1100 Division

This past weekend, Success Academy Myrtle Middle School scholars (above, with Coach Alex Beltre) became New York City chess champions in the Under 1100 division!

SA Myrtle MS was just one team that delivered an incredible performance at New York City Chess Championships. Over 170 Success Academy scholars competed and many checkmated their way to the top ten lists in several divisions, both as teams and as individuals. We are so proud of the scholars, coaches, and parents who contributed to these amazing results!

Here are some of the highlights:

Elementary School Under 1100 Section
(Competitors with a US Chess Federation rating of under 1100)  
SA Myrtle: 1st place
SA Hudson Yards: 3rd place
SA Midtown West: 7th place team Coach
SA Washington Heights: 9th place team

Individual wins: Daguy Vaval placed 5th, Vuzasin Usina placed 6th, and Samuel Park finished 9th.

Junior High Under 1300 Section
SA Hudson Yards: Tied for 1st place (ultimately came in 2nd place on tie-breakers)
SA Bronx 1 MS: 3rd place
SA Harlem East: 6th place

Individual wins: Out of 108 individuals, Jaden Diaz earned 1st place, Emily Booncharoen placed 3rd, Max Crespo placed 7th, and Quinlan Alday placed 9th.

Elementary Open Section
SA Midtown West: 4th place
SA Hudson Yards: 6th place

Individual wins: Nura Baalla placed 4th and Aiden Kuo placed 10th out of 131 competitors.

Primary Open Section
SA Union Square: 4th place
SA Hell’s Kitchen: 7th place

Individual wins: Brewington Hardaway placed 4th out of 106 individual competitors.

High School Under 1200 Section
SA Harlem East: 3rd place

Individual wins: Emmanuel Ofori-Serechie took home 7th place out of 107 competitors.

Congratulations to all our teams, listed below!

SA Bensonhurst: Nathan Yelin, Samuel Park, Kaylee Cao, Caden Cao, Di Zhou. Coach Gabe Puckett

SA Bronx 1 MS: Angelina Nguyen, Darren Palmer, Max Crespo, Marcella Reyes-Rivera, Mickai Young, Nasir Walker, Joel Granados, Alex Martinez, Quinlan Alday, Hailey Esquea, Tiara Galvez, Jorden Julien, Luna Reisoglu, Isis Diaz, Bally Sissoko, Ethan Alexander, William Perez, Eleazar Pelaez-Ortega, Donovan Lamonte-Stewart, Dionald Suazo, Angel Chavarria, Abdoulaye Amadou, Dana Jones. Coach Alejandro Montalvo

SA Bronx 1: Jurell Palmer,  Damian Hernandez, Elijah Estrada, Kaycee Trinidad, Raylen Chaires, Amari Smith. Coach Matthew Morales

SA Bronx 4: Miguel Baez, Taylor Jones, Lukus Francisco, Jeremiah Sanchez, Eghosa Ikhinmwin, Joziah Sanchez. Coach: Salema Jackson

SA Cobble Hill: Arielle Belobrovka. Coach: Boris Izrayelit

SA Harlem East: Litsi Auquilla, Amaris Bailey, Edward Morales, Shadman Khan, Emmanuel Ofori-Serechie, Damon Chin, Christian Chin, Andrew Breton, Gabriel Espinal, Najma Gure, Elizabeth Morales, Shawn Dean, Juan Lucero, Josseph Alwan, Tyquan Haskins, Aadil Zoundi, Melanie Sanabria. Coach: Fritz Gaspard

SA Hell’s Kitchen: Boris Mccoy, Amira Miller, Jacob Bae, Brielle Roberts, Beckett Byrne, Benjamin Volovik, Steven Lopez, Noah Lee, Aston Roberts, Brewington Hardaway, Gerard Petrella, Lucian Lenihan, Iris Ye. Coach: Robert Lazorchak

SA Harlem 1: Jade Bonda Deutou, Darris Haskins, Aminata Tounkara, Adrian Disla, Adi Chowdhury, Jahia Joseph, Tejas Perna, Saori Espinosa. Coach: Asandoh Jones

SA Harlem 3: London Raysor, Jason Huang, Lyric Raysor, Julian Rodriguez, Aiden Bailey, Liliana Huang, Sameer Sherif. Coach: Jerome Jackson

SA Hudson Yards: Ian Chen, Vukasin Usina, Harry Mcsween, Nura Baalla, Micah King, George Best, Jaden Diaz, Emily Booncharoen, Kyle Chen, Noa Buck, Daniel Prizant, Rachel Prizant, Silas Smith, Maya Mukherji, Ann Goldey, Pari Patni, Seth Fenton, Thomas Bray-Vargas. Coach: Christopher Johnson

SA Myrtle Middle School: Maximus Jacome, Christopher Hackett, Alexander Little, Sabrina Addo, Gabryela Caban, Annika Parsia, Evan Eisenberg, Nicole Leonardo, Delilah Tavarez, Jayden Smith, Daguy Vaval, Dylan Eisenberg. Coach: Alex Beltre

SA Charter School Midtown West: Zachary Audan, Noni Hardaway, Rachel Bochman, Lucas Brown, Hudson Kreymerman, Taise Martinez, Ava Trujillo, Daniel Henk, Kimberly Taisha Guzman, Ethan Lee, Jason Maldonado, Renzo Lau, Kristian Garcia, Aidan James Kuo. Coach: Waldemar Ortiz

SA Union Square: Felix Goldey, Christian Higgins, Helen Best, Nathaniel Mullodzhanov, Aritro Chakravarty, Aarush Naveen, Runqing Chu, Andrew Buchanan, Jag Dixit, Ayden Chin, Justin Fonseca, Leo Bocharov, Naveen Paruchuri, Julian Ikeda-Thew, Mason Gomez, Josiah Sillau, Krish Patni, Nathan Booncharoen. Coach: Nicholas Norman

SA Upper West: Misha Raitzin, Valentino Louis, Bryce Martin. Coach: Jacob Stein

SA Washington Heights: Dante Lorenzo, Almes Ahmia, Subi Bencosme-Lee, Anthony Sanchez Jr., Jerick Javier, Milana Ward, Ociel Rosario, Jordan Turner, Emileo Martinez. Coach: Liam Murphy

Written by Success Academy January 10, 2018


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