Launching this week, Arch Rivals FC is committed to telling stories from every corner of the world of soccer.

The New York-based media and production company had its sights set on tackling one of the largest issues in American soccer before it zeroed in on the subject of its debut documentary, “Success.”

“Success came out of a larger project we were working on about soccer development in the U.S.,” Greg Purpura, the film’s director, said. “We interviewed a bunch of former players, journalists and coaches about the state of development. We wanted to dig into why there is a relative lack of diversity and players from lower socioeconomic status in the program.”

Purpura and Arch Rival FC’s research led them to Boris Bozic, program director of the soccer program at Success Academy, a network of 41 charter schools across New York City. Three-quarter’s of the school’s network is made up of low-income families and more than 90 percent of the students are children of color.