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Success Academy Moms Appeal to First Lady Chirlane McCray


**For Immediate Release December 11, 2019**

Contact: Liz Baker, 646-902-4200 [email protected]

 Ann Powell, 646-894-6407 [email protected]org

 SUCCESS ACADEMY MOMS APPEAL TO FIRST LADY CHIRLANE MCCRAY 56 Success Academy Queens Mothers Sign Letter to First Lady to Ask for Her Support in Finding School Space for their Children to Learn 

New York, NY — On the heels of yesterday’s parent-led press conference, Success Academy Queens mothers sent a letter to First Lady Chirlane McCray, appealing to her as a mother and asking for her support in their fight to secure a school for their children.

 The letter, signed by 56 moms and five fathers of Success Academy Queens scholars, is printed in full below:

 “Dear First Lady McCray,

Thank you for all you’ve done for children and families in New York City. Like you, we are parents, and our kids mean everything to us. We want the best for them — we want them to have the opportunity to follow their dreams, to be and do whatever they set their sights on. A great education can be life-changing. It can propel kids to and through college and into careers and lives of prosperity. A great education ignites dreams and fuels their transformation into reality. Finding a school that’s right for your child and being able to choose the school that is the best fit is critical to us as parents. Most of us experienced firsthand other schools — parochial, district, and charter schools — before we came to Success Academy. We bear no ill will and have no harsh words against other schools, but we know that Success Academy is the right school for our kids, and we are committed to staying there. All we’re asking is that our kids be able to have a seat, to use excess space in underutilized buildings. We don’t want to displace other children. There are six public school buildings in our area with 400, 500, 700, as many as 990 available seats, according to the city’s records. All we ask is that our kids receive the same treatment and the same amount of space as district school students. They just need a place to learn, with the same facilities that all public school kids get. Over the past several months, we have turned our lives upside down advocating for our kids. We have made hundreds of phone calls, sent thousands of emails. We have personally visited Senator Sanders, Assembly Member Cook, Council Member Richards, and Council Member Miller. We were so relieved when the chancellor told Errol Louis in September that we would have a school. But then nothing happened. A month later, 200 of our fourth graders came to City Hall to plead for a middle school. You and the mayor walked past them, not even glancing our way, ignoring them. A year ago, the mayor stepped in to help families at P.S.150 in Tribeca who were going to have to leave their school for a site 20 minutes away. As he told reporters, as soon as he heard about P.S. 150’s problem, he met with Chancellor Carranza and said, “We’ve got to figure this out, there’s got to be a way to save this school.” In less than a month, the mayor solved the problem, telling those families, “When there’s accountability, it makes a difference.” All we ask is for that same accountability to be applied to our public school children. Two years ago, the Department of Education told Success Academy that a search for a long-term, permanent location was under way, and that community engagement had begun. Two years is a long time for kids to live with uncertainty, to not know if they will have a school next year. To be ignored. As a mother, you must know how we feel. You have wanted the best for your own children. You have sacrificed for them. You have felt the same love we have for our babies. Surely, you understand our pain, our frustration. Please help us. In the spring of 2014, the mayor made a wonderful speech at Riverside Church. The month before, he had also refused space to middle schoolers. His words echo with us today:

“I am devoted to each and every child of this city.... And I won’t choose between our children in this city any more than any parent can choose between children of their family. I will reach out to all of the children, in traditional public schools, in charter schools, in religious schools. They are all our children, they all deserve a solution.”

We believe the mayor meant those words then, and we believe he can honor them now, just as he can honor the city’s commitment to provide a long-term permanent middle school for our children. Thank you for hearing our plea. AnnDena McCleary-Bucknor, SA South Jamaica

Sophia Curtis, SA Springfield Gardens

Mohammed S Bhuiyan, SA South Jamaica

Nahida Sultana, SA South Jamaica

Giselle Valiente-Sukh, SA Far Rockaway

Itan Okhiria-Onipede, SA Springfield Gardens

Donna McKoy, SA Far Rockaway

Nimmi Ramsundar, SA Queens 1 MS

Raxann Smith-Walton, SA South Jamaica

Sandrian Campbell, SA Rosedale

Barbara Wilson, SA Far Rockaway

Kristian Smith, SA Far Rockaway

Jeanie Martin, SA South Jamaica

Patricia Denzine, SA Queens 1 MS

Jere McConner-McLean, SA South Jamaica

Shuan Jacobs, SA Far Rockaway

Winsome Hall, SA Far Rockaway

Taiesha Crump, SA Far Rockaway

Miriam Contreras, SA Far Rockaway

Jasmine Ross, SA Far Rockaway

Gregory Adams, SA Far Rockaway

Michelle Ross, SA Far Rockaway

Jamaal Salah, SA Far Rockaway

Alexandria Aponte, SA Far Rockaway

Hema Saroop, SA South Jamaica

Alfaz Usman, SA South Jamaica

Courtney Robinson, SA Far Rockaway

Amber Ortiz, SA Far Rockaway

Marietou Balde, SA Far Rockaway

Tatiana Nunes, SA Far Rockaway

Ana Arias, SA Far Rockaway

Tamoy Berryman, SA Far Rockaway

Tatianna Clarke, SA Far Rockaway

Rajesh Sukh, SA Far Rockaway

Felecia Alert, SA Far Rockaway

Catherine Rowe,  SA Far Rockaway

Kimberlee Coleman,  SA Far Rockaway

Dulcie Clarke,  SA Far Rockaway

Keisha Clarke-Goldin, SA Queens 1 MS

Pershimia Milliard, SA South Jamaica

Erica Nelom-Bryant, SA Far Rockaway

Petal Leuwaisee-Rose, SA Far Rockaway

Kimberly Panico, SA Far Rockaway

Odetta and Jerome Melville, SA Far Rockaway

Dana Elvira, SA Far Rockaway

Alberta Smalls, SA Far Rockaway

Kentaye Daniels, SA Far Rockaway

Deandrea Jordan, SA Far Rockaway

Barbara Smalls-Jordan, SA Far Rockaway

Charlene Smalls, SA Far Rockaway

Charmaine Hill, SA Far Rockaway

Melanie Gilliam, SA Far Rockaway

Courtney Robinson, SA Far Rockaway

Jason McKoy, SA Far Rockaway

Shamika Afia Simmons, SA Far Rockaway

Danielle Jenkins, SA Far Rockaway

Edwin Nunes, SA Far Rockaway

Charlene Tucker, SA Far Rockaway

Tamika Adeniji, SA Springfield Gardens

Suefan Marquez, SA Far Rockaway

Shadea Josephs, SA Far Rockaway




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