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Success Academy publishes Middle School Science Curriculum, sharing resources with educators around the world

**For Immediate Release Monday, April 5, 2020**

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New York, NY — Today, Success Academy released a new segment of curriculum, making its middle school science units available  to educators across the country and around the world through the Success Academy Education Institute.  Along with its K-8 literacy and middle school history curricula, these lessons will be available as a vital (and free) resource for the many thousands of visitors — from every state and more than 100 countries who are eager for the tools to take their classrooms to the next level.

To accompany the curriculum release, the Robertson Center at Success Academy will also host a workshop on Thursday, April 8 at 4:00–4:45pm to introduce educators and thought leaders to the key tenets of our approach to science.  

Since its founding, Success Academy has prioritized science, one of the few schools nationally to teach it five days a week starting in kindergarten, with dedicated science teachers. SA teaches discovery-oriented science education, which means students do over 100 experiments each year. This foundation prepares olders scholars to take on more challenging work in middle school: using the chemistry of phase changes to make ice cream when there’s no room in the freezer, deconstructing radios to study internal structures and their functions — and then using this knowledge to conceptualize cells as systems.

“All of us at SA are committed to empowering scholars through education,” said Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy. “We are also committed to supporting educators, inside and outside of Success Academy.”  

SA’s science curriculum is designed to inspire and prepare students to pursue STEM fields in higher education and beyond. Middle school is a critical turning point for kids when it comes to sustaining an investment in science, and with the introduction of the new national standards for science education (Next Generation Science Standards, or NGSS), SA’s curriculum designers focused on making middle school science sophisticated, rigorous, and wildly engaging for kids. These inquiry-based lessons emphasize critical thinking and student-led investigation, spanning essential topics in physical, life, and earth sciences. Units center around essential questions that are challenging, but also intriguing and relevant to elicit genuine curiosity and interest. 



Launched in 2017, the Success Academy Education Institute offers educators anywhere in the world free, instant access to the foundational elements of SA’s model: blueprints and virtual tours, complete K-8 literacy and middle school history curricula, and a growing catalog of educator e-courses. It is a free source for new ways of thinking about public education and a rich resource for planning, managing, and executing the work of schooling. Available through a robust digital platform, the Ed Institute gives teachers and principals in every state access to the curriculum, tools, and  training that are the foundation of Success Academy’s proven school design. The Ed Institute can be accessed at



The Robertson Center serves as the headquarters for the Success Academy Education Institute — our engine for advancing the work of educators nationwide. Our events calendar creates opportunities for all those committed to the promise of public education to ask tough questions and engage in meaningful debate. Across forums and formats, we believe in programming that is both practical and aspirational, with an unwavering focus on student outcomes. Offerings span curriculum, instruction and school design, and all are provided free of charge.


Founded in 2006, Success Academy Charter Schools are free public K-12 schools open to all children in the state through a random lottery. With 47 schools across Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens, Success Academy enrolls 20,000 students, primarily children of color from low-income households in disadvantaged neighborhoods: 74% receive free or reduced-price lunch, 94% are students of color, 16% have disabilities, and 8% are English language learners. In 2020, 100% of SA’s third and largest class of 99 graduating seniors were accepted to college, with 22% accepted to highly selective and 47% to selective institutions, with robust financial aid packages; 82% of the class will be the first in their families to attend college. For more information about Success Academy, go to

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