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Mission Possible

Stories and insights on excellent education.

  • 25,000 Strong

    More than 25,000 parents, scholars, educators, and elected officials from all five boroughs converged on Prospect Park on the morning of September 28, 2016.

  • 200,000 Seats for Public Charter School Students

    By doubling the number of charter school seats, we could ensure that every child in New York City has access to a first-rate education. Today, more than 44,000 families are on charter school wait lists.

  • Narrowing the Achievement Gap

    Charter schools are narrowing the racial achievement gap and creating a Path to Possible for more than 100,000 children.

  • Parent Choice

    “Every student, every parent, every child has the right to a choice. Zip code should not determine your child’s destiny.” —Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

  • Success Academy Parent Story

    “That’s why I chose to send my youngest, Aarabella, to Success Academy. She’s the same age I was when I came to the United States, but she will never have to worry about being passed-along like I was. When she comes home from school with new books, we read them as a family. Success Academy has given her a love of reading that I could only dream of when I was her age. —Johanna Cabral, Success Academy Hell’s Kitchen parent

  • Charter Schools are Succeeding for Kids

    “I just stopped by here today to say to the defenders of the status quo: ‘Stop hating on charter schools.’ Because every single child in the State of New York deserves a strong, first-rate education. —Congressman Hakeem Jeffries

  • Celebrating 100,000 Students

    “Today is a great day because we celebrate surpassing 100,000 students in charter schools. But you know what — 100,000 is not the top of the mountain. We need to do more, and together we will!” —Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.

  • Changing the World

    “You have a chance to go out and influence and change the world. You are getting the education, the love, and the support that you need to go out there and change the world.” — Common

  • "I Stand for You"

    “I stand on this stage because I stand for you. I stand up for social justice and racial justice in this country. No matter what color you are, it’s time for you to stand up for justice and righteousness and love. You don’t have to be older, younger. All you have to be is involved. And be present and be willing.” — Common

  • Standing Up for All Kids

    “I’m encouraging each and every one of you to make sure that not only do our kids here get to be part of charter schools, but that we stand up to expand so that other kids who don’t have these opportunities get to be part of charter schools — because they need the attention and learning too.” — Common


The NAACP, arguably the nation’s most influential and long standing civil rights organization, approved a moratorium on public charter schools.


The shootings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Scott weigh on us and our community; we appreciate her attempt to put words to the unspeakable sadness of these deaths.